Like’ it or not Facebook is taking over the world!

Like' it or not Facebook is taking over the world!

Facebook is now the dominant social network in 127 out of 137 countries.

Facebook has moved a step closer to world domination as it continues to outperform local social networks. In all but 10 countries Facebook is the most popular social network and there are only 4 competing networks left in its way.

  • QZone (China and South Korea)
  • V Kontakte (Russia and parts of Eastern Europe)
  • Odnoklassniki (Moldova)
  • Cloob (Iran)

This is quite a change from 2009, when there were 17 social networks outperforming Facebook in various countries around the world. In fact, in the last 6-months alone Facebook has conquered Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia and Vietnam.


Facebook’s growing popularity in Asia is the main driving force behind this. With 278 million users, Asia has surpassed Europe as having the largest population on Facebook. Whether Facebook can gain a foothold in all of the remaining countries is doubtful. In Iran for example, it is difficult to access Facebook due to state censorship. Even with this Facebook is taking over the world.

Every article now has the ‘Like’ icon on its page, awaiting your simple to garner some information of what you like so as to better enable marketers target their product at you page. I remember watching a video by socionomics online and they mentioned, you won’t find brands or products they’ll find you (through social media). ‘Like’ it or not Facebook will find you!

All that really stands in the way of Facebook and world domination is their search engine facility within the site. At the moment its quiet poor and links you back to bing, where in turn you’ll probably search for google, then find what you’re looking for. In my opinion if they were to sort this issue many people may never log off the site, either over the web or via mobile.

If this happens, Facebook would be like a supreme overlord, knowing our every move, via check-ins and tags, and we in turn would look for their guidance when searching for products and services.

Who? What? Where is our white knight to save us? or is it to late?



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