“Apps are Dead…Long Live Mobile”


“Apps are Dead…Long Live Mobile”

This topic was brought up by my lecturer in class recently. I sat for a while mulling this one over. Then it hit me, Apps are merely like a Volcano.

Bare with me for one moment, I’m using the volcano analogy as i believe its best suited to describe apps and the mobile phenomenon that is smart-phones. Like a volcano the Iphone, smart-phones and apps erupted with enormous power and velocity. Somewhat over night everyone had smart-phones and so began the steady flow of apps. There is now an app for everything from planning your diet to mobile banking.

The app stores are saturated, we are spoilt for choice in my opinion.  Do we have a need for some many? Why pay for one? Surely there is a free one very similar to it right? Yet the apps seem to keep coming, like lava, consuming every smart-phone device in sight. On checking my own phone I have 55 apps that I downloaded and that’s leaving out the apps already installed on my device. Every company seems to have an app now, and obviously some are far better than others. Some of my favourite apps are skysports.com ,joe.ie and asos. So to say that are apps are dead is a bit much .

Everything is going mobile these days and it won’t be long til we are discussing in class that the “PC’s/Laptops are Dead” with the growing number of people accessing the internet via mobile or tablet and with the increase in people using cloud storage for their files. In my opinion Apps are very much active and alive, like a volcano, but are lying dormant at the moment. They are simply waiting for that next big eruption in technology to take then to the next level.

When that happens marketers be ready, as whoever grasps it the quickest will dominate the market!



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